Five day London Explorer Music Tour

This exclusive musical tour of London in spring 2020 is being led by Dr Wendy Hiscocks, composer and author of the book Explorer published by Revolution Arts this year.
Two's Company Group

Two’s Company in Thailand

Teachers in Bangkok, Thailand recently enjoyed a day discovering Revolution Arts's first music publication, EXPLORER. This was part of workshop looking at how teachers and students playing duets together can be a great learning strategy - and…

Improvisation with Chords

In the last newsletter we looked some example responses to the MELODIC STIMULUS. In this article we shall look at some sample responses to the HARMONIC STIMULUS...

Trinity College London music exams: Improvisation hints and tips

As well as exploring how to incorporate improvisation strategies into your teaching we also look at how the Improvisation supporting test option within Trinity College London exams might be a really good options for your students.

Trinity Improvisation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Now we have grasped the basics of Improvisation in the Trinity exam, how can we tell if the result is any good?

Improvisation workshops in East Malaysia

Revolution Arts Academy has been out and about meeting over 100 teachers across East Malaysia in the states of Sabah and Sarawak exploring ways of integrating improvisation into their teaching strategies.

Revolution Arts heads to South East Asia for music workshops

Revolution Arts heads to South East Asia for face to face workshops to support music examinations.