What the examiner will say and do

Here is a copy of the melody:

I am going to play it twice more. The second playing will have one change.

Tell me or show me in which bar the change happened and if it was pitch or rhythm.

Here is the melody for the first time.

Now with the change.


What you need to do

Look at the music the examiner gives you.

Listen again, following the music and listening carefully for the change.

Then point to the bar where you hear the change


say the number of the bar with the change:

BAR 1, BAR 2, BAR 3 or BAR 4

Then say:





Hints and tips

  • The melody is 4 bars long and the bars are numbered
  • You will hear a change to the:

              pitch if a note is played higher or lower


              rhythm if some of the notes are played longer or shorter

  • You can either:

              point to the bar which has the change


              say the number of the bar which has the change

  • You then need to say if it was a change in pitch or rhythm

              If you hear a note played higher or lower say PITCH

              If you hear some of the notes played longer or shorter say RHYTHM


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