Walking (and Talking)

Kay Charlton


Kay Charlton (b.1963)

  1. Kay was born in South East England
  2. In the 1980’s she studied at the University of East Anglia, Norwich
  3. She started musical life in London in 1985 as a trumpet player, composer and freelance educator. She is Music Manager at Plumcroft Primary School in Greenwich London and plays internationally with the Bollywood Brass Band at venues, festivals and Indian weddings. She has also had several pieces published including Bollywood Blast!


The music of Kay Charlton is fun, lively and very much of the contemporary world. As well as her Bollywood inspired pieces she has also written Tubalosity for Solo Tuba and places for whole class teaching.  Walking (and Talking) is like a light hearted stroll in the park. But there is much more to it than than. Imagine it was played by one of Kay’s big bands then you get a much punchier sound.


  • This does not have to be a laid back stroll – think more about striding out confidently for walking and having a bold conversation for talking. You can show this by slightly detaching the crotchets as you walk along:
  • You might be tempted to swing the quavers here – but better not as it is not what the composer wants! So keep them steady and ‘straight’.
  • You can exaggerate the dynamics in bars 8 and 16 where the music gets louder and softer:
  • This piece is in ternary form (ABA). So the opening melody comes back in bar 17 and is marked forte. So your tone can be firmer here:
  • The last chord is forte and you might like to add a little pause over it to make it last a little longer – and then end it cleanly:

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