Poor Mouse

Vera Mohrs


Vera Mohrs (born 1984)

  1. Vera Mohrs was born in Germany. She has also edited a series called Classical Music for Children and another series of music books entitled African Music for woodwind instruments and piano.

2.  She is active as a performer too and is the lead singer with a Berlin based pop and Chanson band called Veraskabinett Click on this picture to hear some of her music with this band:


This music is in a CONTEMPORARY style and tells the story of  mouse being chased by a cat. It comes from a series of 12 little piano stories entitled Cat Songs. Each piece tells stories about the more than 3000-year-old friendship between cats and humans. There are some other great titles too like Tomcat Blues and Pawprints in the Snow.


  • The important thing here is to tell the story in the music. You might like to imagine a cat stealthily creeping up to catch a mouse – and what happens at the end?
  • Crisp articulation is important here to maximise the effect so really exaggerate things like the staccato, slurs and accents
  • The crescendos in each line could easily continue to the end of each line and don’t forget the accents on the way:
  • Push the tempo forward with the accelerando in the last line
  • The final chord must be played firmly and with all the notes sounding exactly together. It also has a pause on it so hold this chord longer than two beats:

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