Between the Fingers

Peter Graham


Peter Graham (born 1952)

  1. Peter Graham was born in Brno in the Czech Republic. He studied organ at the Brno Conservatory of Music and composition at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts, also in Brno. Since 1999 he has taught composition there.
  2. Several of his works have been performed internationally and in 1993, his chamber cantata, “Der Erst,” won third prize in the Musica Judaica Festivals international competition in Prague.


Peter Graham’s real name is Jaroslav Št’astný-Pokorný but he composes music under the name Peter Graham. His work ranges from music teaching and theatre work to Czech TV and Radio.

He is a CONTEMPORARY composer who says that his music ‘grows as does timber in a forest’

‘I am what I do,’ he says.

Between the Fingers is a dreamy piece in a CONTEMPORARY style. The notation looks complicated but showing the rhythm crossing the staves is quite useful to show how the melody transfers from the right hand to the left and back again.


  • Legato pedalling is key to making this piece sound smooth and warm. It should never allow the harmonies to blur and should just provide a sense of continuity throughout.
  • Change pedal where indicated as you play the first note in each bar:
  • There can be a little rallentando in bar 12 to lead back into the main melody where there is also the instruction Ped sim. meaning pedal as before:
  • Always allow the melody line to sing out on top of the accompaniment:
  • At bar 24 the pause notes can be held quite generously. Release each one at the same time as the pedal, and allow a little silence before moving on:
  • There can be a gradual rallentando towards the end and the important little comma in bar 27 can be treated as a generous rest:

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