Mike Schönmehl


Mike Schönmehl (born 1957)

  1. Mike Schoenmehl was born in Mainz, Germany and in 1974 studied music education at the Johannes Gutenberg University. Since 1977 he has taught piano, theory, classical and jazz music. He was also editor of popular music at the Schott publishing house in Mainz.
  2. Since 1986 he has been lecturer at the Musikwerkstatt (FMW) in Frankfurt. In 1995 he became lecturer in Frankfurt at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst.
  3. In 1996 has began a part-time lectureship for jazz piano at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz.


Mike Schoenmehl is a CONTEMPORARY composer whose music is strongly influenced by Jazz. He is also an author of numerous publications and has been particularly active in work for education.

From 1976 Mike Schoenmehl has been the pianist with the Woog City Stompers and since 1978 led his own Bebop, Latin and Funk quartet.

Rain is composed in a gentle Jazz/pop style. The opening could almost be the start of a pop ballad. The whole piece is designed to be played twice with the right hand an octave higher the second time through.


  • There are two possible approaches here. One might be to play the crotchets staccato like little drops of rain like this:
  • The other approach might be a more legato style with gentle pedaling to add some warmth to the chords like this. Which ever you choose, be consistent throughout the piece and ensure the chord notes are always perfectly synchronised:
  • Always balance the hands carefully so the melody is slightly stronger than the accompaniment. From bar 13 the attention changes to the left hand so lead into this with a little ritardando in bar 12 with an a tempo in the following bar:
  • From bar 17 the melody is in the left hand so bring this out clearly with a broad legato:
  • Pace the gradual ritardando and diminuendo carefully toward the final arpeggiated chord before repeat, and again at the end where it can be even more exaggerated:

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