How can Revolution Arts Academy help with my teaching as I prepare my students for music exams?

I think Revolution Arts Academy has fairly unique insight into the world of music exams. I have been a teacher (classroom and instrumental), teacher trainer, music examiner, chief examiner and have built helped create music exams such as the hugely successful Trinity Rock & Pop exams so I know what it is like from both sides of the fence. And of course before all that I was a student myself with very clear memories of what it feels like from that perspective too.

“We are building courses and workshops that teachers actually need.”

Nicholas Keyworth

But also we never stop learning – and I think that is the key to the success of what we are doing here. I love meeting teachers and hearing them tell me about their work – what they find easy and what they find difficult – and that helps inform what we do. So we are building courses and workshops that teachers actually need.

True, a certain amount of things can be picked up from a book – and a book + CD is even better as far as music teaching is concerned. But often I find books are full of complicated words and jargon, or just give lots of exam tests without giving real examples of what students might actually do or how they might achieve higher marks in an exam.

Revolution Arts Academy offers two things – online courses and these are developing at a fast pace now with practical guidance for things like the supporting tests and session skills for Trinity exams. And we also offer face to face workshops. So far we have delivered these in Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok and the UK and our reach is growing fast.

So join the Academy – and be part of the Revolution!

Nicholas Keyworth

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