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Teachers in Bangkok, Thailand recently enjoyed a day discovering Revolution Arts’s first music publication, EXPLORER. This was part of workshop looking at how teachers and students playing duets together can be a great learning strategy – and it’s great fun too!

This was part of TWO’S COMPANY – one of Revolution Arts’ new workshop programmes for teachers. It’s all about playing music together and understanding how duets for teachers and students are a great way to can help improve rhythm, listening and coordination – and it can be great for sight reading too!

The workshop consists of some great musical activities such as Steve Reich’s Clapping Music which can easily be adapted as a warm-up game for teachers and students:

Nicholas Keyworth leads the workshop

Workshop leader Nicholas Keyworth also showed how it’s easy to improvise a duet from an existing piece of music to make learning experience so much more interactive and fun:

Much of the activities in the workshop spring out of our new publication from Revolution Arts: EXPLORER. This fantastic collection of 27 piano duets for adventurous piano teachers and students by Australian composer Wendy Hiscocks is the perfect resource for piano and keyboard teachers.

Watch the video to find out more…


Piano Duets for Adventurous Students & Teachers

Explorer cover

Explorer is suitable for beginners of any age including adult learners up to approximately Grades 1-2 together with their teachers. The attractive full colour illustrations capture the adventurous theme of exploration which runs throughout the book.

EXPLORER is on sale now now from the Revolution Arts website. It is available in a high quality print version or as a full colour PDF download.

With its top quality design and print, Revolution Arts has produced an exciting addition to any musician’s library.

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