Trinity College London 2018 Rock & Pop Syllabus: everything you need to know

Teachers at Melody Plus

Trinity has launched a new Rock & Pop Syllabus for 2018 with some great new repertoire and a few other changes. Nicholas Keyworth gave a seminar hosted by Melody Plus in Bangkok exploring the new syllabus. We find out more…

Melody Plus is one of the leading arts schools in Bangkok. It offers a range of classical and pop music & dance programmes at its many branches across the city. Nicholas Keyworth’s Introduction to Trinity Rock & Pop 2018 teacher training workshop is currently available to all music schools across South East Asia and is backed up by Revolution Arts online support programmes.

Introducing Trinity Rock & Pop 2018

What’s New?

  • New Song Books for each grade and each instrument
  • Each book contains 8 songs
  • There are no CDs in the books
  • Use the code at the back of the book to download the tracks
  • More songs are being develop for online download
  • Revised marking criteria
  • Revised parameters for own choice songs
  • TWO elements instead of three for Technical Focus songs
  • Band exams no longer available
  • Old syllabus songs can still be presented in 2018
  • You cannot mix old and new syllabus songs in the exam
  • Loads of new online support at
  • Separate syllabuses for each instrument

The Exam Structure

This will be the exam order with the Session Skills after song 2 and finishing with the Technical Focus song.

Study the Skills & Techniques needed at each grade. There is a really good programme of work you can use here in your teaching programme to ensure gradual progression in line with the grade requirements. We shall be focussing on these in future newsletters.

We have covered Session Skills in a previous article so you might like to revisit the hints and tips included in that.

Listen on Spotify

This is a great new online resource from Trinity who have teamed up with Spotify so you can listen to many of the songs from the syllabus played by the original artists. You will need to set up a Spotify account but it is free to do so.

Trinity Rock & Pop App

Another fantastic resource which has been named as ‘Best New Mobile App’ in the Best Mobile App awards – Fall 2017 awards. You can download this app from the App store for free. You can then upload your songs and make various changes to help with the learning process:

  • Control the Mix
  • Loop a Section
  • Adjust the Speed
  • Change the Pitch
  • Count-in
  • Keep Perfect Time
  • Follow the Lyrics

Visit the Practice Room

Another really useful resource to help teachers and learners is the new Practice Room area of the website. Here you can find many interesting videos articles and resources. You can search by category or by instrument. Here are some of the topics you can explore in the Practice Room:

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