Behind the Notes is now live

Revolution Arts Academy has launched Behind the Notes following a tour of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore supporting teachers and students preparing for Trinity’s latest piano syllabus.

Teachers in Thailand
Teachers in Malaysia

So what makes these courses so special?

In Trinity grade exams, each piece is marked out of 22. But separate marks are given in these three areas:

Most teachers are perfectly capable of getting their students to play the right notes and to make sure they observe the details in the score.

Teachers are also generally good at teaching a sound piano technique.

So the first two assessment areas –

Fluency & Accuracy and Technical Facility are usually well covered.

But notice that MORE marks can be given for Communication & Interpretation. This is about playing the pieces musically – and this is also the area when many teachers need a little more support.

So that is where Behind the Notes fits in…

There is much more to it than just saying ‘Play it with more feeling…’.

For starters, just look at all the composers in grade 1, 2 and 3 alone. They come from different parts of the world with a mix of men and women as well as many living composers:

And then there are all the musical styles to manage. Today’s syllabuses contain much more than just Classical music. You will also see, Jazz, Blues, Tango, Folk etc etc:

And what about all those strange titles? Do you know…

* What is a Model T?

* How to climb the Matterhorn?

* What is a Jodler?

* How to explain Le Petit Rien?

* What’s the story behind Tango Passionis

* How to take a holiday in Persia?

BEHIND THE NOTES explores the CONTEXT of each piece by answering questions such as:

  • Where is this music from?
  • What is this music about?
  • What would the composer expect?
  • How can I bring this music alive?
Nicholas Keyworth

Revolution Arts Academy director Nicholas Keyworth is the former Chief Examiner for Music at Trinity College London. He has devised these courses to support everyone teaching or preparing for Trinity’s latest piano syllabus.

BEHIND THE NOTES online courses have been designed to help students play their exam music with:

* greater knowledge about the musical context

* a deeper understanding about musical style

* an awareness of communication and interpretation

* increased enjoyment of playing

* improved chances of better marks.


To celebrate the launch of Behind the Notes you can get three courses for the price of two:

We are offering Grades 1, 2 and 3 for just £20:


Piano grades 1, 2 & 3


Any one course currently on offer


Access to all our courses:

Piano Behind the Notes, Improvisation and Aural

Course subscription is for One Year from the date of payment.

Payments can be made safely and easily through the website using Credit Card or PayPal.

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