Johann Hermann Schein (arr. Snell)


Johann Hermann Schein (1586-1630)

Born in Grünhaim in Germany
2. Joined a choir in Dresden
3. Studied at the University of Leipzig and then became head of the music at St Thomas’s church. Here he wrote much sacred and secular music.


Schein was an early BAROQUE composer who wrote much sacred and secular music. His only collection of instrumental music is his famous Banchetto musicale (Musical banquet) written in 1617. The music was most likely used as dinner music for the grand palaces at Weissenfels and Weimar.

Each suite contains a sequence of dance pieces. One of these contains this elegant Allemande. It is typical of Schein’s music being quite lively and florid as he adopts some of the styles from the Italian Baroque.


This was originally written for the Harpsichord. Click PLAY to hear what it may have sounded like:

  • The Harpsichord cannot change dynamics so the music has been adapted for this piano exam with the addition of slurs and dynamics
  • The articulation is really important so follow the legato lines carefully. Take a clear break between each phrase by clipping the last note a little. This will help make each phrase really clear:
  • In the left hand you could copy the right hand slurs like this:
  • OR detach the left hand notes to make it more dance-like like this:
  • At the very end make even more space before the last chord to make it sound more like the ending:
  • Always try to make the playing elegant – remember this was designed as background music for a lavish dinner in a grand palace:

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