The Enchanted Garden

Kirsten Shreke


Kirsten Shreke b.1961

  1. Born in Germany, Kirsten Shrecke composes music especially for young people and has also written Waltz of the Toads for Trinity Initial.


Although Kirsten Shreke was born in 1961 she has composed this piece in a more Romantic style to evoke the spirit of an Enchanted Garden. Romantic music capture an emotion or paints a picture in music. This one clearly creates an wonderful dreamy image of a magical garden.


  • Try to create a picture of the enchanted garden when you play this piece
  • Lighten the second note of each slur to create more interest and enchantment:
  • You may add some light pedalling to give more colour to the sound picture if you wish:
  • Slow down evenly with the ritardando in bars 17-20. Then allow for a little silence to create some magic before moving on at the original tempo in bar 21:
  • Give a generous rit and a nice long pause to the last chord at the end:

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